This Sewing Podcast Is For You – [EP 000]

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This sewing podcast is for you if you have high sewing ambitions with an eye for visually appealing sewing projects…

If you are the kind of person who really wants to reach a higher level of sewing standards for a big dream or vision that you ultimately want to create for yourself or your life and:

  • You need help getting to the next stage of ability
  • You struggle with certain skills and need more confidence to take that next step into what you really want

Then this sewing podcast is for you!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about start a sewing based business, but don’t know if you have the abilities or knowledge to get there? Or you’re not sure if you can keep up the pace for a sewing business you already have.

Just know that this sewing podcast is not about being crafty or about sewing hacks. It’s about best practice methods with playfulness thrown in to keep things interesting and keep you motivated.

This show is meant to  inspire, inform, and delight you whether you’re a pro or a sewing beginner.

I’m your host, Sandra Espinoza, and I will have my teenage son as my side-kick to help keep any sewing terminology in reach of any sewing beginner.

We will talk about how to be intentional and thoughtful in every step of sewing creation to achieve the awe-inspiring things you’ve always hoped to.

This is about making things that stand the test of time, like a sewing ability – a specialization – or an heirloom.

It’s about bringing into reality what you thought was only a dream – those things that the special people in your life, like your grandmother, always believed could come true for the creative soul that is you…

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This sewing podcast officially launches October 14th!! I’ll be talking to you again soon!

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